The world of Lundou is a very large and not very welcoming world, with its harsh seasons, and dangerous creatures.

There are three continents to the world, Zon, MÃ¥nen, and Aarde.
Zon is ruled and mostly inhabited by the Elves the Dwarves and the Humans.
Zon is ruled under the Alliance. (Elves, Dwarves, Humans and less majorly the hobbits.)
It is a mostly peaceful place, and has been without war for the last 150 years.
The most major problems in Zon is the poverty and racism.
There is a lot of hate towards half races and gnomes, ever since half orcs and gnomes were freed from slavery only 85 years ago, people have been slow to accept them as equals

Manen is run by two governments, the union of the Catfolk and Wild-elves, and the Templars of the moon. The Union and Templars have been engaged in a civil war for the last 50 years which has thrown the continent into chaos.
The union are the rightful rulers of the land. They have lived there for as long as anyone can remember. It was a peaceful paradise until the templars arrived claiming their gods told them to take the land, and that the savages living there were to be put to death.
The lands of Manen

Aarde is not ruled by anyone. It is the dark land of slavers, warlords and monsters you would hope to never see. The only people that ever venture there are beings of pure evil, or adventurers trying to prove themselves.
Sights seen in Aarde


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